Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health Messages

Please refer to the "Health Messages" icon on the right sidebar (below "Air Quality Health Index") to preview the Health Messages prior to commenting on question #1

1) Do you find that the health messages explain adequately how to adjust your outdoor activity level based on the current AQHI reading?


  1. I feel that the health messages could be a little stronger on the poorer air quality days. I realize people cannot always adjust their schedules but everyone should be aware (at risk or healthy population) of how much the Air Quality affects people with lung problems and that understanding should be given when adjustments need to be made.

  2. The categories that tell you to 'consider reducing' only give you that indication 'if you are experiencing symptoms'. Maybe it should also include a warning to prepare for the symptoms with medication, or to evaluate the necessity of the activity before you do it.

  3. If you're following the AQHI as I am, you will know that this Monday, July 12th, the AQHI number is a 5 (moderate risk). I know from last week that I am affected by a 5, do you know your number yet?

    I also wanted to add: Hot, humid days, as well as smog days, can increase the affect pollen has on your allergies, (the pollen does not rise in the heavy air). Ragweed season has started early again this year so be aware if you are not feeling well, it's not just the bad air, it's your allergies. Good luck everyone!

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